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Our mission at ASCENT Network is accomplished by providing clients with access to resources and services, designed to assist individuals in improving their credit worthiness and financial position.

Generally, these services would not be available to those with damaged credit. In addition to restoring your credit, you’ll have access to financial education, legal referral services, foreclosure prevention consultation, information, education, and much more.

Ann and Karl D. | Irvine, CA

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! For over a year my husband and I tried to get B of A to modify our loan only to be turned down time and time again. When we felt all was lost and were facing what we thought was the fact that we would lose our home of 25 yrs we contacted ASCENT. In less than 4 months you got us approved for a modification and our payment was lowered by more than $1500.00. I know we could not have stayed in our home if it wasn’t for your efforts. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Francesca N. | Laguna Hills, CA

Thank you so much for all of your help with me and my husband’s credit problems. Thanks so much, keep up the good work. We have had 9 deletions within the past 2 months and we look forward to getting the rest of the disputed items deleted as well. I also just sent over the most recent response letters that we received. Thanks again for everything.

Jeffery | Newport Beach, CA

I wanted to drop you a short note to personally thank you for the services which Ascent provided my wife and I. As you know our credit scores were prohibiting us from refinancing our home and with the adjustable rate we had, making the higher payments would have been extremely difficult. Within 3 months of becoming a Ascent member our credit scores rose high enough to allow us to refinance and secure a competitive and fixed rate mortgage. Ascent did everything you said it would do and I want you to know I will be recommending you and your company to everyone who needs the same type of services or find themselves in the same type of situation my wife and I found ourselves in. Again, thank you for all your help.

Anthony | Lake Forest, CA

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me save my house. When I signed up with you guys I was more than a year behind on my mortgage with Citi. You were able to postpone two sale dates on my house and get me current and lowered my interest rate from 6.5% to 5.75%. Thank you and god bless.

Sean | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Thanks so much for doing a great job helping me get my credit back on track. It’s been very frustrating to be turned down for so many things because of my reportsand you have helped me to improve my score so much. It’s actually enjoyable to go to the mailbox again when I receive my updated reports showing all of the deletions. Your Member Services team has been so professional and I can’t believe how quickly I started seeing results. Keep up the great work!

Angela & Kevin | Aliso Viejo, CA

When we first became members of Ascent we were eight months behind on our payments and Homeq had our property scheduled to be sold at auction. Needless to say times were desperate. When I spoke to one of your representatives I have to admit I was a little skeptical. It all sounded too good to be true. Yet here we are, a couple months later, and not only is the mortgage now current, but our payment isover $400 less per month than it was before all this started. We’re believers now!

Marty C. | Lake Forest, CA

Aaron and Lisa at Ascent have helped me and my wife increase our credit scores tothe point where we both have been able to get loans for a vehicle and personal at a rate that was way better than if we hadn’t gone to Ascent. They really know their stuff and their experience in credit repair, loan modifications and financial services has no equal.

Mahsan F. | Irvine, CA

I’ve been a member of The Ascent Network now for 10 months and I’ve seen a huge increase in my credit scores. Before I started working with them, I couldn’t even qualify for a Macy’s card, and after 5 months I started receiving offers for unsecured credit cards left and right! My scores are now in the 700’s and I’ve been given a second chance as a credit consumer. The Executive Director Aaron is a really nice and knowledgeable guy and his assistant is really sweet! I have referred about 5 people and they too couldn’t be more pleased with their services and results. If you’re looking for a reputable and well established credit repair company, this is the place for you!

Gil G. | El Monte, CA

For those of you who have doubts about credit repair services please call these guys! They have helped my fiancee and I turn our credit around where we just purchased 2 cars at 0.9% interest! This is a non profit company and while you will incur feesthese fees will be much less the other companies. I highly Recommend Lisa as she is a TIGER who will stay on top of the Credit Bureaus to remove anything that will hinder your credit! Just leave it to The Ascent Network to make things happen!

Alyson Z. | Glendale, AZ

Aaron and his team are absolutely amazing! They have been helping me fix my bad credit and the process is a breeze! They handle everything for you! Ascent Network is number 1 for what they do and everyone needs to call them! THEY ARE THE BEST!

Kyle A. | Mission Viejo, CA

The Ascent Network performed as agreed to and all derogatory items as well misinformation were removed from my credit report. They communicated very well with emails and acted professionally. Thank you Aaron Huebner and team Lisa.

James M. | Moreno Valley, CA

Me and my wife used service for quite a while and they really get results. Before I started I had a sub 600 fico now I have a +700 and was able to purchase my own home. The people are great especially Lisa and Aaron they really were attentive and addressed my concern. Thank you Ascent Network you guys rock!!!

Stacy A. | Corona, CA

I am so pleased with The Ascent Network. I used them for credit cleanup and they not only disputed claims from creditors, they cleared my record. My credit has improved so much!! They are so friendly, always return your calls and emails and never judged me or made me feel uncomfortable for asking questions. I can’t thank you enough.

Alona T. | Aliso Viejo, CA

Above expectations service & results. Initial consultation with Aaron was uplifting & eye opening. Lisa was amazing, hard working, aggressive with creditors & on top of all communications! My FICO increased by 80 points in less than a year. If in need of serious credit repair or just a small bump in your score, I would not trust anyone but Ascent Network!

Sue D. | Mission Viejo, CA

Ascent Network has been so helpful to rebuild my credit and my daughter. I am impressed with how professional and efficient Aaron and Lisa were with helping us. This is a company I would recommend to everyone.

Mary S. | Tustin, CA

Awesome service, knowledge and integrity! Look no further. Thank you Aaron & Lisa.

Julia W. | Irvine, CA

I’ve used a bunch of places to try & repair my credit. This place did not disappoint like the others. I highly recommend you give them a try!

Jim M. | Huntington Beach, CA

My outstanding credit card debt had ballooned due to some bad money management on my part, I admit it. But I really had to refinance my home within the next 3 years. Enter Ascent Network, who I was referred to by a friend of someone who had had success with them in the past. It was the BEST call I have ever made. They couldn’t undo the mess I had gotten myself into overnight, as it took me a while to get to the where I was at. But within the amount of time they estimated to me at the outset of my credit repair, my credit score is now at 701. My refinance on my home will save me $160 a month as well as go from Interest only to Interest + Principle. I couldn’t be happier and know that my family and I can stay in our home we’ve has for the last 20 years for the next 20 years :)If there was a way to give them 10 stars instead of 5 they would get it!

Rich S. | Redondo Beach, CA

I greatly appreciate the assistance Aaron and Lisa provided me in regards to my scores. Not only did they increase my scores, they also spared sound advice as to how to stay level and avoid credit mishaps. I’d recommend their services to anyone struggling to get their credit on track.

James G. | Aliso Viejo, CA

I have been working with The Ascent Network and speaking directly with Lisa who has been great for months now!!! i am already seeing improvements in my credit and seeing many old debts and negative reporting to my credit agencies removed and seeing my credit be re-established and rebuild. The Ascent Network is very knowledgeable and do a great job of walking you through the process and explaining everything for you to ease your mind. Lisa has been on top of everything and i never thought things would be this easy. To anyone looking to improve, clean or do anything pertaining to improving yourcredit, i would refer them any time. I have already referred people to the company and they too are seeing the benefits. Thank You Ascent!!

James S. | Lake Forest, CA

I had to battle like crazy with my lender. Many times when I was told to resubmitnew papers The Ascent Network went to bat for me and like magic the process was able to move forward. I’m very thankful to Aaron and the rest of the staff that worked hard getting me a loan modification that absolutely saved my house. I have told lots of my friends about the Ascent Network and nobody has been let down.



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