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Are you looking for a credit repair company in Rancho Mirage? Probably you are looking for an expert to guide you through debt settlement or education loan negotiation. Welcome to Ascent Network, your one-stop credit counseling and foreclosure prevention service in Rancho Mirage.

For decades, we have been helping Rancho Mirage homeowners and business owners through credit score improvement and the challenging journey of debt settlement. By choosing us, you won’t have to worry about being rejected based on low credit in Rancho Mirage or the surrounding areas.

We care about your big investment plans. We are credit repair experts and debt settlement professionals who will help you with foreclosure prevention.  With credit repair, you do not lose your investments to creditors.

What affects your credit score? Ascent Network Rancho Mirage will help you improve the history of payments and education loan negotiation and guide you through credit repair.

Here is a detailed overview of the services we offer:

Credit Repair Rancho Mirage

Ascent Network is Rancho Mirage’s credit counseling and credit repair company. Serving the local community in Riverside County, CA, and the surrounding cities, we provide residents with experts to advise them through the credit rating correction.

Could your credit score be a mistake? Unfortunately, many people do not realize that credit bureaus make erroneous entries from typing mistakes, mistaken identity, or simply inaccurate reporting.

Do not just sit and wait for the day you are filling out a credit application form to start checking your credit report. With credit repair, we’ll help you understand credit score.

It is essential to take action right away to avoid regrets in the future or when you want to apply for a home loan.

At Ascent Network Rancho Mirage, our credit restoration service takes an affirmative defense, ensuring all credit bureaus adhere to the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Whether you are a resident or a business owner in Rancho Mirage and looking for credit repair experts near you, feel free to fill out our contact form or call our credit repair experts.

Credit Score Improvement Rancho Mirage

Your credit reports and credit score have considerable influence over your financial life. You probably know that bad credit can hurt you when you want to apply for an emergency loan, new financing, or even a new credit card.

Many do not realize that having no credit score can also hold you back in many situations. Statistics show that around 22% of US consumers do not have a FICO score. Having no indicator makes lenders feel nervous about loaning you money when there is no indicator of how well you manage credit obligations.

Improving a credit score takes time. So, if your credit score needs some work, it’s always best you start working on it sooner.

At Ascent Network Rancho Mirage, we help customers through the credit score improvement journey.

To achieve this, our seasoned professionals work with your creditors and credit bureaus, helping in resolving unfair or inaccurate negative reports that impact your credit score. We check to ensure the credit history is updated and reflected relatively and accurately on your credit statement.

Our clients experience an average increase of 105 points or more in their FICO credit score. Do not let bad credit or lack of credit score lock you out of accessing credit. Contact us today for professional advice and guidance through the credit score improvement journey.

Rancho Mirage Debt Settlement and Negotiation Services

Are you facing seriously delinquent credit card debt? You probably lost income and now face a huge medical bill or rent debt. Welcome to Ascent Network for professional debt settlement and negotiation services.

Our experienced debt negotiation experts will meet the creditors or lenders on your behalf to negotiate for a lower amount than your enrolled account balances. They will explain to the lenders your current situation to agree on an attractive option so you work down the debt without hassle.

Our debt settlement service has helped dozens of clients with bankruptcy declarations and saved them from embarrassment. Sometimes, we have negotiated debt and seen creditors lowering their debt balances by more than 50%.
Do not file for bankruptcy! Instead, contact Ascent Network for professional credit repair and debt settlement. We negotiate in Rancho Mirage and surrounding cities.

Foreclosure Prevention Rancho Mirage

Your home is the most valuable possession. Preventing foreclosure secures your family’s future and prevents loss. Unfortunately, mortgage repayments do not go as planned, and creditors will be at your home asking to enforce foreclosure orders.

Do you have a hard time paying your mortgage? Visit Ascent Network Rancho Mirage for professional foreclosure prevention counseling and financial coaching to help you with debt settlement. Our respectful, non-judgmental counselors will work with the creditors and negotiate a mortgage settlement plan. We understand how stressful foreclosure can be, so we discuss your circumstances with the mortgage company and settle on a repayment plan.

No matter your situation, the ascent network will help you overcome financial hardship and prevent foreclosure.

Education Loan Negotiation

Approximately 46 million Americans have student loan debt, while about 11.1 of student loans were 90 days or more in delinquency or defaulted before the Coronavirus pandemic.

Do you know that a delinquent or a defaulted student loan will impact your credit scores and will not fall off your credit report even after seven years?

If you fall into the percentage of individuals with student loans and have fallen into late or delinquent status, check out Ascent Network ELNS program.

The student loans negotiation program will provide you with a suitable loan settlement agreement suited to your current situation. Even if you have your salary garnished or bank accounts frozen, we can negotiate for lifting the garnishment and have the bank accounts unfrozen almost immediately you engage our services.

With credit repair, we work with our customers in structuring new student loan terms, including updating the loan and removing delinquency status from the credit report.

Do not suffer in silence! Come to Ascent Network, and we will negotiate your student loan and lifting of any garnishment. Call Ascent network today, or fill out the contact form, and our credit repair officers will get back to you.

About Rancho Mirage

Rancho Mirage is a city in Riverside County, California. Located in the heart of Greater Palm Springs Valley, the city is known for its exclusive gated communities, state-of-the-art medical facilities, spas, beautiful resorts offering exquisite dining, and superb golf courses.

Rancho Mirage City features world-class attractions, including abundant entertainment. It treats seasoned travelers to a perfect combination of luxury, value, and access to the finest daytime tours and nighttime stargazing events.

Some top attractions in the city of Rancho Mirage include Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and Agua Caliente Casino.

The Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce in Rancho Mirage is a perfect community to conduct business for business owners. The professionals at the chamber of commerce are laser-focused and determined to help professionals grow, learn and build great partnerships.

To achieve its objectives, the local chamber of commerce in Rancho mirage organizes some programs. It includes networking mixers where the members mix and mingle in a casual atmosphere. The networking events include business over breakfast and power lunches.,+CA+92270,+USA

How To Get To Rancho Mirage

Rancho mirage is 110 miles East of Los Angeles, 100 miles Northeast of San Diego, and approximately 270 miles west of Phoenix. The city has easy access to the entire Southern California market through freeways, rail corridors, and Palm Springs International airport.

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