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The impact of COVID-19 on the economy has been significant and has made it hard for Palm Desert residents to manage or pay off their debts. Debts have riddled many lives, forcing many businesses to face insolvency or foreclosure and making it hard for workers to fend for their families.

If you want to progress in life, you may need a loan to pay for your education or that of your family members, buy a home, or a car. The government understands this and has provided federal regulations to protect credit card holders.

You may still lag behind on payments and accumulate debts despite federal protection. It is also possible that you might not know what to do in Palm Desert when creditors want payment.

Financial counseling is essential whenever you feel your debt is getting out of control. Look for a credible credit repair company in Palm Desert like Ascent Network for financial counseling. If you have bad credit and don’t know where to start, it’s easy to feel hopeless.

You can take several steps to boost your credit score, including paying off debt, keeping a consistent payment history, and not applying for too many new accounts in a short amount of time. If you follow these steps, your credit score will improve.

Credit Repair in Palm Desert

If you’re looking for a credit repair company in Palm Desert, you want to find one that can help with your credit score. Credit repair companies help people who have had problems paying their bills or making payments on their debt. They’ll also work with people who have been sued over unpaid debts and need help dealing with collections agencies.

If you wish to take out a loan and your credit score isn’t looking too good because of late payments, credit repair companies help you improve your scores.

A credit repair company like Ascent Network helps you understand what steps you should take to improve your credit score. This could include following up with creditors after you have made payments.

Palm Desert Settlement Experts

At times your debts may be too overwhelming, and you may see offers that claim to help you eliminate your debts. You must remember that not all offers are legitimate; some could be scammers hiding behind credit repair companies.

A debt settlement is when a lender agrees to settle and close your account, and your credit score may suffer as a result. Your creditor will dictate their terms, considering how much you owe and how long the account has been active or delinquent.
A reputable credit repair company in Palm Desert, like Ascent Network, helps negotiate with the creditor on your behalf. Your creditor may agree to cancel your debt if you pay a certain percentage.

Debt settlement services are a great way to help you pay your debt faster, prevent your debt from being charged off, and avoid court cases.

We help you know the pros and cons of debt settlement and other offers your creditors may offer.

Credit Improvement Services in Palm Desert

If you have a bad credit score, you need to check if your credit report is up to date and dispute any inaccurate information. Your credit report has a history of your on-time payments, low balances, collections, missed payments, high credit balances, loan accounts, collections, and inquiries.

Get your annual credit report from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. If there is an incorrect entry, you need to have a detailed report and supporting documents of payments to dispute it.

You are guaranteed better rates on loans, mortgages, and car loans when you have a good credit score. A good credit score helps you save hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime.

Your credit report helps you know what is hurting or helping your credit score. Our Palm Desert credit improvement specialists will show you the steps for improving your credit score if it is low.

Contact Ascent Network Today!

Do you have a bad credit score in Palm Desert? Ascent Network will help improve your credit score to qualify for lower interest rates on your loans. If you’re considering filing bankruptcy, improving your credit, or looking for expert advice, the Ascent Network will provide all the financial information you need.

Do you have credit issues that you find difficult to tackle? We are here to help you understand and analyze your credit report. Our expert analysis will assist in disputing inaccuracies found in your report with credit bureaus and creditors.

A Brief History of Palm Desert

Before World War II, Randall Henderson discovered a sheltered bay protected by Santa Rosa Mountains and felt it would be the perfect place to set up his magazine printing company. Palm Desert slowly started taking shape with the help of his extended family and some of his wealthy friends. By 2019, Palm Desert’s population had grown to over 52,000.

Palm Desert is now buzzing with activities as a retail center of desert communities. To preserve its historical principles of self-governance, voters unanimously approved changing Palm Desert from general law to a Charter City in 1997. Palm Desert now rotates the position of mayor annually among five City Council members who legislate and determine policy.

Things to Do in Palm Desert

Palm Desert experiences an average of 350 days of sunshine a year, making every day a good day for outdoor activities. Some fun activities include: exploring the surrounding desert, visiting art galleries, shopping in upscale malls, and hot air balloon tours of the desert. Palm Desert has golf courses like Desert Willow Golf Resort, which is among the best in Coachella Valley.

There is McCallum Theater, where you can enjoy acrobatics, ballet, and drama. If you are an avid hiker, there is the Bump-n-Grind trail — the most popular hiking trail in Coachella Valley. You will most likely see bighorn sheep and other endangered wildlife during your hike.

You can also visit Cabot’s Pueblo Museum, which was built by Cabot Yerxa. The museum has 35 rooms and was built using sun-dried bricks and reclaimed wood from cabins. Or there is the Living Desert Museum in Palm Desert to see desert animals from all over the world. In the Living Desert Museum, you will also see a palm oasis area, a butterfly garden, and other plants. The best time to visit is during morning hours when the animals are most active.

You can also go swimming at the Palm Desert Aquatic Center, which is a popular facility with three swimming pools. Water slides, diving boards, and several features accommodate all ages. The eight-acre property allows the facility to have an Olympic-size swimming pool so that you can have plenty of fun.

When you’re ready to eat in Palm Desert, check out Grill-A-Burger for great juicy burgers. Wilma & Frieda’s Cafe for different menus, including vegan and vegetarian options. French Corner Cafe and Bakery offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. If you want gluten-free options, then you will be well catered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Palm Desert

Why is Palm Desert famous?

Palm Desert is the cultural and retail hub for the desert communities. The large resorts and upscale malls give Palm Desert a more suburban feeling. The parks and recreational sports make it an ideal place to raise a family.

What is the weather like in Palm Desert?

As the name suggests, Palm Desert is sunny 90% of the year with an average annual temperature of 88 °F (31 °C) with summer highs going above 108 °F (42 °C). Summer nights can stay above 82 °F (28 °C). July is the hottest month in Palm Desert, with cooler weather from November 20 through February 27.

What is the median income in Palm Desert?

According to the US Census Bureau, the median income for a household is $64,295 per year. Those between the ages of 45 and 64 earn a median wage of $78,489 a year, while those younger than 25 make less than $41,500 a year. Palm Desert residents older than 65 make a median income of 58,208.

A more positive outlook toward a more financially secure future starts today. Give the Ascent Network a call today at 1-877-871-2400. Ascent Network helps consumers all over the United States and is available locally in Huntington Beach, CA, Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Desert Hot Springs, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio, and Thousand Palms.

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