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Welcome – Now Let’s Set Expectations

You are here because you want to begin taking the necessary steps to change your financial past.

Congratulations, You’re in the right place

Aaron Huebner, the Executive Director of The Ascent Network will be your guide.

He has created an On Demand presentation that when you are done, you will know exactly what The Ascent Network does as a Non-Profit Credit Repair, Restoration and Rebuilding Organization.

He will address the 3 questions, that are the most common, after three decades of helping others, just like you, want to know…need to know
1. How High Can You Get My Credit Score?
2. How Long Will it Take? and of course the final is
3. How Much will it cost?

Aaron answers each of these, not with a hunch, but from data, through helping others re-shape their future,

Click the video now and when your done, and ready to move forward an option appears, allowing you to do so with full knowledge of what is expected from both of us!

We look forward to our journey together. Click the video now.

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