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Credit Repair

“I had no idea my credit score had such an impact on my day-to-day life!”

Credit repair issue is a typical response from a new client of The Ascent Network. But it is true that your credit score can cost you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, even when it’s just a few points too low.

“The difference of the finance rate, given to a new car buyer, with a credit score of 713, versus 720, may make the difference of being able to afford the new car”

Hi, my name is Aaron Huebner. I am the Executive Director of The Ascent Network, a non-profit organization, focused on credit repairing, restoring and rebuilding credit scores of people, just like you.

After more than 3 decades in this industry, I can tell you, with certainty, a poor credit score could impact many financial areas of people’s lives:

  • If you’re a homebuyer – impacting your ability to qualify for the best rates
  • As a renter – poor credit scores often can mean having a place to live, or not!
  • Lines of Credit – For emergencies. Pay higher fees or fail to qualify at all. and so many more…
  • Applying for the most competitive auto loan rates possible and being able to qualify for “Tier 1” financing”
  • Qualifying for Auto Insurance at “the best rates”
Credit Repair

Most people are not aware of their credit repair, until they need it. Like to buy a new car, or to qualify for a new home loan, maybe your first home…

The call or note you receive lets you know that due to some circumstance, one you may not even be aware of, is holding you back, can literally take the wind out of your sails, and make you feel low, ashamed, hopeless, or worse, worthless.

Often when a person is faced with this bad news, they feel alone, and really just don’t want to talk about it…but I want you to know something, You Are Not Alone!

8 out of every 10 Americans are facing some type of issues that are impacting their credit scores.

The Good News

As I mentioned, after 3 decades, here is a statistic that often turns worried and helplessness into hope.

“the average credit profile has 12-18 reporting errors which appear on the credit profile. These errors negatively impact their scores…the ones that creditors use to make decisions on the rates they give a borrower, and whether or not they even extend them credit.”

Most people have no idea these errors are there, and worse, how to get them removed!

More Good News about Credit Repair

As I said, most people, because they are busy taking care of the kids, or their job, often do not look at their credit repair or credit profile, until they need the approval for something.

Well believe it or not, the reporting agency that has all the information about your credit is also very busy. This means, when you know what to do, how to ask for it, and the process of what to do next if they don’t, can mean all the difference to removal of errors, improper reporting and incorrect data, from your credit…resulting in your credit repair going up…and the cost of credit for you and your family, goes down.


Real Customers, Real Stories

Meet one of our Ascent Network customers. As she mentions, when she first began with The Ascent Network, her scores were in the high 400’s.

This was truly holding her back in life. Her choices were determined, not by her character, but by her low credit scores. She was living a life that forced her to settle, until The Ascent Network, went to work!

Click the video to hear her story…and then ask yourself, could The Ascent Network Help Me?

Jasmine Lopez

How Does Credit Repair Work

The Ascent Network is not an overnight, promise what we cannot deliver program. We are, as a non-profit, a heavily government regulated company that must perform. This performance is determined by many factors; One being the successful clients, like the ones on this page, who shared their stories.

Because of the regulations that the credit industry must follow, we do have an advantage over an individual who tries to fix their credit on their own. While I admire the grit and the attempt, the amount of information one must know, to ensure through validation and verification, items are removed, and removed as quickly as possible, can be overwhelming and frustrating, making many just give up!

The Ascent Network follows a credit repair process that has yielded an incredibly high success rate with our clients over the years. We know what to say, how to say it, and we are tenacious forcing the credit bureaus to follow the law and provide verification and validation for all the items that are negatively affecting your credit score and get the results we know you; our clients deserve.

What is the Next Step?

The next step is extremely simple. Click the button, or fill out the form on this page, asking the minimal, but necessary information we need to begin helping you achieve the credit repair, and opportunities you desire.

So do it now, and then we will reach out to you personally, because each Ascent Network Customer is unique. We will discuss exactly what we need to do next, what can be expect in credit profile score increases, and the time it will take to get these credit repair results.


How Long Does Credit Repair Take – To Raise My Credit Scores

Each individual is different, but in 2021 the average ASCENT client saw an average credit score increase of 111 points in approximately 6-9 months.

If I am Married, Do We Both Need to Sign Up?

*Often a couple will sign up, if they have shared joint credit for a period of time. The negative circumstances have, in most cases, impacted both parties. However, if the individual with lower scores is an isolated case, then there will not be a need for both to sign up.

Is this process helpful after a divorce?

In many cases, an individual’s credit has been impacted negatively by a divorce. Establishing or repairing your credit, as an individual will be important to your future. This program will help you do this.

What if I don’t have bad credit, just no credit, is this right for me?

Great question. You may be starting out in life, as a young adult, and have little to no credit. The Ascent Network can help guide you in developing your credit profile and credit repair.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our focus is to make credit repair affordable. Because if you cannot afford the program, then our mission has failed. As a non-profit, the monthly fees begin as low as $69 per month, with a small set up fee.

Can You Help Someone Who Has Gone Through Bankruptcy?



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