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Why Ascent?

Why becoming a client of ASCENT is the right
move for you!

As a client of ASCENT, you will have the advantage of being well informed about how to make your credit work for you and how to take ownership of your financial position. Imagine yourself being able to rejoin the credit economy, looking forward to increased security and achieving your goals including home ownership, providing for your family and facing the future will excitement and enthusiasm. Our services will help you achieve your financial goals.


Credit-Worthiness Tools That Really Work

At ASCENT, we’re all about building your credit worthiness.

We can give you access to consumer credit resources and tools uniquely designed to help you build your personal credit worthiness and financial position. If you’re in financial trouble now, we can help you solve your problems. But since credit restoration is often not the only challenge our clients face, we give you tools that also help you in many other financial areas, such as budgeting, foreclosure prevention, financial counseling, and much more.

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Your ASCENT Bill of Rights:

  • ASCENT protects and enforces your rights under federal law.
  • In a democracy, consumers are entitled to a defense.
  • Americans have the right to representation and to confront their accusers with knowledge and the law on their side.
  • Credit bureaus should be expected to verify the accuracy of the information they sell. The law agrees. You have the right to protect and defend your credit profile.
  • The credit bureaus should be required to do more than simply provide a form letter validating your credit – and they are, based on the Federal Laws that protect you the consumer.
  • ASCENT’s Credit Restoration benefits will ultimately demand that the credit bureaus follow the “letter of the law” regarding the sale of your personal credit information.

No matter what your situation, we want to help. Don’t delay.


Don’t let your financial problems weigh you down. Ask about our loan modification solutions today!

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*It should be noted and understood that ASCENT does not make ANY guarantees as to performance and success in obtaining a credit score increase for any individual client. Every clients’ credit profile is unique and any results which may be achieved through ASCENT’s CSIS program is a result of many factors which are impossible to calculate and guarantee prior to the CSIS work being completed by ASCENT and with the cooperation and communication with the client during this process in a timely fashion. The 105 point credit score average increase is an average of all ASCENT clients who engaged ASCENT for the purpose of credit score improvement from January 2015 through June 2017 and it is stated only to give a prospective client an idea of the potential success of ASCENT’s CSIS benefit.



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